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| Affirm Collaborator

Why a Mattress Topper Is a Dorm Must-Have

As you prep for a soft landing on campus for your freshman year, don’t overlook the comforting power of a memory foam mattress topper. And...

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| Jasmine Cooper

6 Easy Ways to Sleep Better at Night

From classes and extracurriculars to homework and friends, a lot of things take up your time and energy throughout the day. Because of this, it...

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| Affirm Collaborator

The Benefits of Using a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

During the semester, your bed is your home base. It’s a couch when you have visitors over, an impromptu desk for catching up on homework,...

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| Amanda Zanardi

Why Every College Student Needs a Mattress Topper

What comes to your mind when you think about an average college dorm room? Parties, a sink full of dishes (should you be so lucky...

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| Christian Whitaker

How Long Does it Take for the Smell of a Mattress to Go Away?

If you belong to the majority of people who have bought themselves a new memory foam mattress in order to improve the quality of their...

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