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Topper Comparison

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Meet the Toppers

Gel Topper

In 2018, Sleepyhead released the Gel Topper. Our 100% gel-infused memory foam mattress topper works to regulate body temperature and provides more support for an all-around, more comfortable sleep experience.

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Copper Topper

Next came the Copper Topper in 2019. Copper excels at protecting against viruses and microbial growth. In other words, it's our anti-yuck-I-have-to-sleep-on-a-dorm-mattress ingredient that also works hard to prevent odors and stains.

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Super Topper

In 2020, Sleepyhead welcomed the Super Topper — infused with both gel and copper, which combines both the Gel Topper and the Copper Topper's benefits. Because it's not just about a better night's sleep, it's about the best night's sleep.

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Compare the toppers

Choosing a memory foam mattress topper