Catch more dreams

We strive for our business to make a difference in the world. Not just for college students, but for the important causes we care about deeply.

Sleepyhead is more than just a mattress topper

We are committed to hiring college students and giving back to students in need through our topper donations per ten products sold.

We give students the opportunity to bring their dreams to life through college competitions, and we implement environmental solutions by reducing our carbon footprint.

Some say that students are our future, but we say they’re the now. And it all starts with a Sleepyhead.

Dream it forward

Offsetting carbon footprint

Join us in our journey towards a
greener planet by offsetting your
carbon footprint with our verified
and impactful carbon offset projects.

5% to nonprofits

We partner with visionary nonprofits channeling a portion of our profits towards pioneering environmental initiatives.

Toppers to those in need

We support our heroes and the leaders of tomorrow by donating toppers to HelpVets and students in need.

Environmental commitment & compliance disclosure

Sleepyhead is dedicated to sustainability and minimizing our environmental impact. As part of our commitment to being environmentally responsible, we have implemented measures to ensure our shipping processes are zero-emissions. We partner with Flexport, Inc. and Route for Merchants to offset the carbon footprint of our logistics, from container shipments to the final delivery of our mattress toppers to our customers.

To refine our commitment to environmental responsibility and align with the Voluntary Carbon Market Disclosures Act (VCMDA), AB 1305, our company has tailored our practices to fully meet the standards set by this important legislation. Our strategy for achieving a zero-emissions logistics chain is grounded in our partnerships with Flexport and Route, ensuring our mattress toppers' transportation offsets the associated carbon footprint responsibly.

Compliance with AB 1305, the Voluntary Carbon Market Disclosures Act (“VCMDA”):

Our approach to VCMDA compliance is based on transparency, accountability, and the pursuit of best practices. We provide detailed disclosures on our carbon offset projects, including protocols, locations, and emission reduction methodologies, to inform our stakeholders about our sustainability journey.

  • Project Specifics: We select carbon offset projects that offer verifiable environmental benefits, sharing detailed information to uphold our claims' integrity.
  • Verification and Standards: Our projects undergo third-party verification to ensure emission reduction accuracy and adherence to global standards.
  • Engagement and Accountability: Regular reviews and updates to our environmental strategy allow us to remain responsive and impactful in our sustainability efforts.


  • Flexport's Carbon Offset Program.
  • Route's Carbon Neutral Shipping


  • Flexport's Carbon Offset Program: In collaboration with Pachama, Flexport helps us engage in forest conservation and restoration projects, offsetting emissions from our container shipments. Learn more about how we offset our container shipments.
  • Route's Carbon Neutral Shipping: Route ensures the last mile of our delivery is carbon-neutral, completing our zero-emissions logistics chain. Discover our approach to zero-emission delivery from warehouse to customer.
  • By partnering with Flexport and Route, we are proud to contribute to a more sustainable future, ensuring our operations support our goal of zero-emissions logistics. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is a core part of our business model, reflecting our dedication to positive environmental impact.

Sleepyhead in action

Our business goes beyond just selling products: This is a business with purpose. We're always seeking new ways for our products and good fortune to give back, not only to universities but to the earth, our communities, and our futures.

It takes a lot of work, and we're not perfect. But every decision we make is a step towards making the world a little better than we found it.