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About Us

Sleepyhead is an online sleep startup that offers a comfortable, hygienic and “good till graduation” mattress and topper tailored to college students. Our brand caters to this target market through cost leadership, college specific sizes, customer care and community impact. We deliver our college lifestyle products straight to your door.


Our Story

Sleepyhead was founded

In 2016, by a college student named Steven Van Alen. Steven loves to sleep and he's definitely a Sleepyhead. However, in college he realized the beds in student housing and furnished apartments were substandard and unhygienic.

Because of a need

In college you have no choice but to sleep on the used and uncomfortable mattress provided by the university. Students were using mattress toppers to go on top of the provided beds; however, everyone was having questions about finding the right topper. After freshman year the question then became where to find the right mattress.

And was Designed & engineered with perfection & passion

After two years of research and development we designed and engineered the perfect 100% memory foam mattress & topper tailored to college students. Sleepyhead ships in a custom box directly to the consumer.


To make a difference

Sleepyhead is a Benefit Corporation, which is a hybrid between a corporation and a nonprofit. Steven started the company when he found out his sister who was homeless, pregnant and a college student at the time. Unable to provide for herself, she was eligible for government housing, but found out no furnishings were provided. She shared with family that she slept on the concrete floor while being nine months pregnant. Steven knew he had to do something to help, not just her, but the thousands of students who fall on hard times and are in need of some support to sleep better at night and that’s when Sleepyhead was born. According to many recent studies, 9% of four-year students and 14% of community college students are homeless.

good Design and high Quality

Check out our Design process.


Comfortable sleep for all

Our mattress and topper are comfortable and safe for humans and animals alike. Any size or shape we give you the comfort and experience you deserve.

Considering you spend a third of your life sleeping why would you choose any other bed whose name doesn't allude to sleep? We hope you will join us! Just try not to turn into a Sleepyhead.



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Helpful FAQs

How does the 100 Night Trial work, exactly?

We are so confident that you'll love your Sleepyhead mattress that you'll get a full return of the money spent on your Sleepyhead mattress if you are not completely satisfied with your sleeping experience within the first 100 nights. Your 100 night trial begins when your Sleepyhead mattress is delivered [.....].

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