Why a Mattress Topper Is a Dorm Must-Have

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As you prep for a soft landing on campus for your freshman year, don’t overlook the comforting power of a memory foam mattress topper. And if you’re a returning student, you know first-hand how bleak life was with a lumpy, deformed, used college mattress, passed down through generations of students before you.

If you need convincing, read on to discover why a mattress topper is a dorm must-have and why your quality of life takes a hit without one.

Mattress Toppers Create an Island of Comfort

First, mattress toppers allow you to carve out a purely comfortable space within your confined room. Let’s face it—dorm furniture in general does anything but promote relaxation. Your tacky, dated lobby couches are cheap and utilitarian. Whatever well-worn chair you drag in off the street for your room has its own lumps and persistent smell. They all lack something.

With a dorm mattress topper, you convert your mattress into a reliable and private chill-out spot. This island of comfort comes in handy when homework, long hours in the lab, working out, and more wash over you all at once.

Getting to Sleep Is a Fight You Must Win

Also, a topper helps you use your bed for its primary purpose—sleep. In college, sleep isn’t simply a matter of drifting off peacefully. That’s because your roommate plays League of Legends constantly, clicking away for hours. And all the reading you need to finish swirls around in your head obnoxiously. If you want any hope of quieting the chaos of dorm and college life, you need the literal and figurative reinforcement of an inviting mattress topper.

Practically, this reinforcement comes from memory foam’s body-molding material, which ups your comfort because your body rests in natural alignment. Also, to limit the discomfort of a stifling-hot dorm room, a mattress topper has breathable fabric that cools you as you fall asleep. Each of these factors helps you overcome sleep distractions.

They Limit “Bed Stank”

Another reason a mattress topper is a dorm must-have is its ability to limit the takeover of odor-causing bacteria. Copper mattress toppers in particular have antimicrobial properties that neutralize smells. By comparison, a bare college mattress lacks these properties and comes with already-present odors. Disclaimer: a mattress topper, despite its usefulness, cannot rid the room of your offensively fragrant roomie.

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