Ways to Fall Asleep Quickly and Easily

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For college students, dorm life fosters ample opportunity to find your independence while building your future one class at a time. However, seizing these opportunities when you’re feeling too tired from yesterday’s hectic schedule isn’t easy. For this reason, sleep is vital to a successful college career. In fact, the faster you can fall asleep at night, the better you’ll feel to embrace the challenges of the next day. Try some of these ways to fall asleep quickly and easily so that you can make the most of every prospect that comes your way.

Identify Your Sleep Preferences

We all have nightly routines we must follow in order to sleep comfortably. Whether it’s curling up on one side or wearing a mask to keep out the light, these preferences tell our brains it’s officially time for bed. By identifying your particular preferences, you can greatly decrease the time it takes you to get in the proper position and drift off into dreamland. If you’re struggling to find positions that are right for you, try experimenting with different sleeping styles until you find a couple that make you feel secure. You can also try different topper thicknesses to find the proper balance between soft and firm.

Adjust Your Bedroom Climate

Do you feel too warm when you’re lying in bed? If you are, this could be keeping you from falling asleep as quickly as you should be. As you approach the time of day where your body begins preparing itself for bed, your core body temperature drops at least one or two degrees. This makes it easier for you to get comfortable when curled up under the covers. But if your room’s temperature is too high, you may still feel too warm, and your brain may struggle to drift off as a result. People tend to sleep a bit easier in cooler climates. It’s recommended that you turn down the thermostat to somewhere between 60 and 70 degrees for optimal sleep. Purchasing mattress accessories that regulate heat can also help significantly.

Optimize Your Mattress

Another highly effective way to fall asleep quickly and easily each night is to turn your subpar dorm mattress into the sanctuary you deserve. The beds that colleges supply to students typically aren’t the newest or the most comfortable things to lie on, and this can translate into restless nights. Fortunately, our copper-infused mattress toppers can reduce the pressure of harsh springs on your back by providing several additional layers of foam padding. The copper inlay also promotes better airflow, which pulls heat away from your body and keeps you at a comfy temperature throughout the night. This way, you’re guaranteed to dream big, rest easy, and be well-energized for the upcoming day.

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