Copper Mattress Toppers are the New Trend You Must Have

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Copper is an appealing orange-ish metal ranked as the third-most consumed metal globally. Copper is found everywhere, from our homes to our jewelry to our bodies. If you were to open up your TV, laptop, car motor, or heating system, you'd likely find copper wiring because copper is one of the best metals for conducting electricity. Its appealing orange-ish color has made it an appealing metal for decor, which is why it is now found in many modern homes and restaurants. Have you been to a restaurant lately with a copper tabletop or decoration? In addition to copper's appeal in our lives, in trace amounts, copper is an essential dietary mineral. Small amounts of copper within our bodies help to form red blood cells and assist with iron absorption. With how prevalent copper's use is in our lives, it's no wonder copper has made its way into the bedding industry as well.

Copper-infused Fabric Benefits

Copper-infused bedding is innovative and may sound confusing when you think of copper in its traditional metallic state, but when infused into bedding, there are a whole host of benefits users can experience. To infuse copper into the fabric, the copper is turned into a liquid form to create copper ions which are then mixed in with the fabric. The process is vague due to each company having its own unique process. Copper is known for its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, thus infusing it into bedding allows the fabric to withstand the test of time and prevent unhealthy bacteria from growing on its surface. 

In addition to warding off harmful bacteria, copper-infused fabrics provide multiple health benefits as the copper in the material works in tandem with the copper found in our bodies. Below are some of the health benefits of using a copper-infused fabric.

Anti-inflammatory properties

It promotes faster healing for the muscles, bones, and tissue when coupled with a quality night of sleep.

Increases iron levels, prevents clotting and reduces lactic acid build-up to increase blood flow.

Improves collagen and elastin to help keep skin elastic and firm. 

These health properties make copper-infused fabrics an enticing bedding option when the only thing you have to do is sleep on them. Copper-infused bedding also has a cooling effect to keep you cooler throughout the night and aids in providing optimal support. 

Copper Mattress Topper

Many copper-infused bedding options are available, but the best choice to improve sleep is investing in a copper mattress topper. A copper mattress topper will preserve or enhance your mattress, which is the core component of your sleep. Sleepyhead is one of the first manufacturers to produce a copper mattress topper. They've harnessed the comfortability of memory foam and infused copper into the product to enhance the benefits of copper-infused bedding. 

If you struggle with asthma, allergies or want to make a health-conscious bedding purchase, copper mattress toppers are an excellent choice. While non-copper mattress toppers may provide the comfort you desire, they will not have the same health benefits or antimicrobial properties. What are you waiting for? Go grab your copper mattress topper today!

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