3 of the Best Twin XL Bedding Options

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Did you know that college dorm rooms are not an average twin-sized bed? For space-saving purposes, dorm rooms use a Twin XL mattress. A Twin XL is as wide as a traditional twin-sized mattress, but it is five inches longer than a twin mattress. College is likely the only time you’ll find that particular size mattress. When shopping for dorm room bedding, many forget or don’t realize the bed is slightly different and thus purchase twin-sized bedding. Unfortunately, twin-sized mattress bedding won’t fit that dorm room mattress due to the extra length. 

XL Twin-sized bedding is tricky because although many colleges and universities have adopted this mattress size within their dorm rooms, many companies within the bedding industry do not manufacture their product in the XL Twin size. The lack of options can leave parents and students scratching their heads about where to buy comfortable bedding for the college dorm room mattress. To help combat this widespread issue, we’ve compiled a list of three products to fit XL Twin beds without sacrificing comfort. 

1. Sleepyhead’s Twin XL Topper

Dorm room mattresses are not customized and can lack the comforting properties college students need. A twin XL topper can serve as a product to enhance the comfort of the bed without breaking the bank. Did you know sleepyhead is the only mattress topper company to manufacture a Twin XL topper? Though they are the only option, sleepyhead does not sacrifice comfort. Sleepyhead’s mattress toppers are engineered for optimal comfort, antimicrobial properties, and longevity. Sleepyhead has a good til graduation guarantee for their college student customers and they offer 15% off for college students. 

2. Sheets

Once the mattress itself is comfortable with the help of a mattress topper, the next step is considering sheet options. Fitted sheets, and the flat sheet that accompanies the set, are the primary fabric that touches your skin. Thus, this is the product you want to ensure is comfortable. Sometimes the material used for sheets can feel scratchy against the skin, or worse, it can feel like that bulk paper towels used in campus bathrooms. After a long day of walking back and forth across campus and expanding your mind with knowledge, you deserve comfortable sheets. Brooklinen, while more expensive, are luxurious sheets that come in a variety of fabric and color options to match your comfort preference truly. The best part is that many of their sheet options come in XL Twin. 

3. Comforter

To top off your dorm room bed, you’ll need a comforter. The type of comforter you’ll need will depend on your location. For example, those who live in the north likely face many months of cold and thus require a comforter to keep them warm. Conversely, if you are someone who lives in the south, where it’s warm throughout much of the year, then the thought of a comforter adding warmth probably sounds very unappealing. If you fall into this category, we suggest a light and fluffy comforter to keep you cool throughout the night. 

No matter what you choose for your college dorm room bed, make sure it’s comfortable and conducive for a good night’s sleep! 

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