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How To Properly Use a Mattress Topper

How To Properly Use a Mattress Topper

November 19, 2020   | Jasmine Cooper | 0 comments

If you’ve ever stayed somewhere with communal housing before, you’re probably well aware that most of your room’s furniture is old. Unfortunately, dormitories work in a very similar way. Though it’s gross to think about, colleges usually won’t replace dorm room furnishings unless they’re severely damaged or dirty. This means that you could even end up using a mattress that several other students have slept on before you. Read this guide on how to properly use a mattress topper so you can mitigate this uncomfortable reality.

Why Use a Mattress Topper?

Before you can learn how a mattress topper is properly used, it’s important that you first understand why you should have one. As previously stated, dorm mattresses are seldom ever replaced for newer models. This means that the one you’ll most likely end up sleeping on will be old, lumpy, and unhygienic. Mattress toppers help reduce the effect of these factors by providing an extra layer of padding between the top of the mattress and your sheets. The memory foam, or gel in some cases, will block any pressure from the hard mattress springs, and make it easier for you to find a comfortable position.

Mattress toppers also come with a series of additional benefits including cooling and antiallergenic properties. These features help with removing odors, keeping you healthier, and maintaining the correct body temperature for optimal sleep. This way, you have more power over the quality of sleep you’re getting each night, as well as your health overall.

Setting Up Your Mattress Topper

Upon purchasing and opening your mattress topper, lay it out flat to give it time to expand. These products are often tightly packed into their boxes and require a bit of fluffing to return to their full volume. Then, remove all your sheets from your mattress and position the topper over it. A properly-sized product will touch all four corners of the mattress without extending beyond the edge of the bed.

Our mattress toppers have a unique non-slip bottom, so you won’t have to hassle with straps or a wrap that goes over your mattress.

From here, you can then put on your fitted sheet and the rest of your covers. If you want a bit more protection from the bacteria that could be in your dorm mattress, we recommend putting the mattress protector over the mattress, and then placing the topper on top, so you get the full benefits of the topper. This will ensure that germs and allergens remain trapped under your sheets.

Laying on Your Mattress Topper

Now, when it comes to how to properly use a mattress topper, it’s important to note that comfort is key. Though the most preferred laying method is on your back to provide the spine with the most support, there is no “correct” way to lay as long as you’re comfortable. A quality mattress topper will support your body no matter what position you decide to lay in and will equally distribute your weight accordingly. So, as long as your topper has been set up properly, you should be able to get a restful night’s sleep. It is important to note, however, that it can take up to a few months for your body and spine to adapt to this new sleeping surface

For more information on how you can optimize your sleep in the college dorms, reach out to Sleepyhead. Our dorm mattress toppers are specially infused with copper material—which adds additional supporting, odor-eliminating, and physical cooling properties to our products. These features make it much easier for you to get—and stay—comfortable so you can dream big and rest easy.

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