Simple Ways To Get Back To Sleep Fast

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We’ve all had it happen before—waking up in the middle of the night, only to toss and turn. From classes and impending deadlines to future planning, there are so many stressors and worries cluttering our thoughts. Because of this, it’s common for college students to experience the occasional insomnia. Yet, despite how often it may occur, we’re often left helpless to stop it and too tired to function the next day. So, if you find yourself waking up at night, use these simple ways to get back to sleep fast and ensure you’re always getting the sleep you need.

Get Comfortable Again

If our bodies are laying in an uncomfortable position, it can cause us to shift in and out of a state of slumber. This prevents the brain from fully falling into its sleep cycle and can even result in us feeling sore the next day. So, should you wake up during the night, the first thing you should do is try to get yourself comfortable again. But rather than waste time tossing around on your mattress, turn your focus to the quality of your bedding. Foam mattress toppers are great for properly supporting all areas of your body, and reducing overall discomfort on dorm beds.

Lower the Room Temperature

You can also get back to sleep fast by slightly lowering the overall temperature of your dorm room. As we near bedtime, our core body temperature drops a few degrees in order to conserve energy. Since our covers are already there to keep us warm, sleeping in a hot room can cause us to overheat during this time and leave us restless. Therefore, turning the heat down to approximately 65 degrees Fahrenheit can do wonders for helping you dose off as well as keeping you asleep through the night.

Avoid Looking at the Clock

When our eyes first flutter open after realizing we’re awake, the first thing that many of us want to do is check the clock. However, this can actually make your situation worse. Not only do light-up clocks radiate blue light (which keeps us awake), they also trigger the feeling of anxiety at not being able to fall back asleep. For this reason, it’s highly recommended that you avoid looking at your clock to improve your chances of falling back asleep.

At Sleepyhead, quality sleep for all college students is our mission and calling. After all, we understand you can’t be at your best without a comfortable place to sleep at night. This is why we’ve put extensive research into the development of our cooling foam mattress topper. These products are specially designed to not only help you find a comfortable sleeping position, but also to keep your body at the right resting temperature. As such, with one of our mattress toppers on your dorm bed, you’re guaranteed to get a good night’s sleep.

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