Four Tips for College Success During the Pandemic

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We are living through unusual times, and attending classes certainly looks different for most. Many professors are holding classes via zoom and struggling to connect with students, and vice versa! Students are struggling to connect with the academic material the same way as attending in-person classes. For this reason, we’ve created a guide to get the most out of classes during these unprecedented times. 

1. Come to class

This one seems obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many students don’t come to class and rely on the recorded lectures. Sure, there are times when you can’t make it to class due to illness, and the pre-recorded lectures are available for that very purpose, but let’s not forget that this is not a standard way of learning. College courses are meant to be interactive and full of discussions, and this aspect is lost when only three students show up each week. Discussing is a core component of education and will allow you to see others’ perspectives and connect through shared ideology. 

2. Get enough sleep

Ordinarily, college is a time of many social events and obligations, but now we are all confined to our homes or dorms having minimal interaction with the outside world. Despite the obvious fatiguing effects, it’s still important to prioritize sleep so that you absorb the maximum amount of content from your courses. As the cliche goes, knowledge is power, and you don’t want to miss out due to sleep deprivation. We get it; sleeping in an uncomfortable bed is not conducive for a good night’s sleep, but luckily gel and copper infused mattress toppers can help with that. Sleepyheads mattress toppers provide an added layer of comfort and protection from those old dorm mattresses. 

3. Use your professor 

Your professor entered into the teaching realm to educate young minds and share ideas; they want to help you. Take advantage of office hours and in-class discussions to expand your knowledge, and make a connection with someone who you may ask to write a letter of recommendation later on! Deep discussions about a topic can make learning about an otherwise tedious topic that much more enjoyable and accessible as well. 

4. When you come to class, really come to class

Okay, we get it; zoom is awkward and uncomfortable. Everyone’s face is on a tiny screen, and sometimes the technology makes things less than user-friendly. However, engagement is the core feature of education and relying on the chat feature on Zoom. At the very minimum, professors appreciate when students unmute themselves to engage in discussion or ask questions rather than using the chat. Again, Zoom has its downfalls, and when professors are sharing their screens, access to the comments is limited, so it can be frustrating trying to navigate all of the technology. Help a professor out and just unmute yourself to ask the question or engage. Bonus points if you turn your camera on!

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