The Benefits of Using a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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During the semester, your bed is your home base. It’s a couch when you have visitors over, an impromptu desk for catching up on homework, and the inner sanctum of your dorm room when you need time alone. If you’re dealing with a who-knows-how-old mattress that the college provided, you can’t afford to leave it be—you need quality rest. Turn the old bed they gave you and turn it into a dorm room luxury by investing in a memory foam mattress topper.

To learn more about the benefits of using a memory foam mattress topper—both physiological and practical—read on.

You Cool Off and Sleep Easier

First, a deep dive into how temperature affects sleep is in order. At the heart of your constant desire for the cool side of the pillow is your body’s natural drop in temperature at night. By the dead of night, when you’re fast asleep, your body temperature has dropped several degrees to conserve energy. Since you’re less alert at night when your body temperature lowers, you unconsciously connect this cooldown with the onset of sleep.

A stifling hot dorm room presents a major obstacle to cooling down and falling asleep, but a cooling foam mattress topper can help. Our mattress toppers pull heat away from your body and promote positive air circulation the whole night. This way, you can slip into sleep quickly rather than tossing for hours due to trapped heat.

It’s Supremely Comfortable

Sinking into memory foam also feels fantastic. Once you begin using your mattress topper, you’ll find that leaving it becomes harder and harder. Every other chair or bed on which you lounge simply won’t match up. You’ll daydream about it in class. Your conversations will curiously start to revolve around memory foam. The comfort is that serious.

The reason for this addiction may be a memory foam topper’s unique technology. It conforms to your body rather than forcing your body to adapt to an unyielding bed. Because it lacks the pressure points a spring mattress, memory foam doesn’t put undue force on any one part of your body. This gives your spine a much-needed break, especially if you have existing back pain.

It Breathes New Life into Your Mattress

A final benefit of using a memory foam mattress topper is its ability to extend the life of your current mattress no matter where you live. When you’re suffering through school with a used mattress, toppers greatly improve your sleeping arrangement.

And as you look to the future, a mattress topper travels with you. Whether you’re a newly minted graduate or a young professional, mattress toppers help you stave off an oncoming mattress replacement until you’re more stable. Instead of forking over a ton of money now for a brand-new mattress, a memory foam mattress topper provides an affordable path to immediate comfort and savings.

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