Facing that Very First Day of School all Over Again, but Worse

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As the burden of the pandemic begins to fade, more and more colleges are planning to resume in-person instruction, which means more and more students will return to campus and live in the dorms. Colleges around the globe are anticipating that the upcoming Fall term will be fully in person without the option of virtual class attendance. While many students are eager to return to some sense of structure and normalcy, many are experiencing anxiety about how the return will impact their health. The return to campus can be anxiety-provoking for students as the pandemic has conditioned many to be hyperaware of germs and potential infection. Moreover, as many have lived in isolation for the past year, there may be fears surrounding one’s immune system and how it will handle the surge of college germs. Experts have encouraged a slow transition back to in-person classes by giving students a choice on in-person or virtual class attendance, which many colleges have adopted during the Spring term. Despite this option, the majority of students have remained virtual as fears surrounding COVID-19 are still very much alive. However, as the danger of COVID-19 dwindles and students ultimately return to college campuses, there is a need to support them during the transition. College students face enough stress and worry surrounding academic obligations, so there is a need to inject some confidence in their health and support their academic potential when they return.

There are many proposed solutions and tips to combat the heightened anxiety surrounding the return to campus. Some suggest an increase in self-care tactics such as exercise and relaxation techniques. Others propose that students remain vigilant of germs by engaging in rigorous hygienic regimens. The CDC has also provided students with a list of items that will be essential such as hand sanitizer and various disinfectants. Though these are excellent options to keep anxiety at bay, another simple solution can provide antibacterial protection to the place where students spent a significant portion of their time – their bed. The simple solution is a mattress topper.

Why Every College Student Needs a Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers for college students offer a myriad of benefits, including improved sleep quality, comfort, and a personalized feel. Students who live in dorm rooms are subjected to mattresses that have been used for years and are worn down, uncomfortable, and potentially filled with germs. While mattress toppers as a sleep solution for college students is not a novel concept, antibacterial properties embedded into mattress toppers are an additional element that can combat anxiety surrounding germs. Moreover, as anxiety skyrockets, there is a need to support college student’s sleep, as sleep is directly linked to academic success. The old, worn-out mattresses that come standard with every room will not be sufficient at promoting restful sleep, and the cleanliness of them remains a mystery.

As the pandemic begins to exit the stage, people all over the world are left with chronic high anxiety that won’t dissipate overnight. We do not propose that a mattress topper will provide instantaneous relief from the mental health aftereffects COVID-19 has left. We do propose mattress toppers as a single item that can support college students as they re-enter the academic world. Mattress toppers can ease some of the burden associated with the anxieties by providing students with a personal, comfortable place to rest their heads and a hygienic solution for dorm mattresses. While mattress toppers as a concept seem like an accessible item to implement, and it is, we also advise our readers to invest in a quality product that will physically support students’ as they sleep coupled with features that will mitigate illness-related anxieties. Moreover, many mattress toppers on the market do not provide longevity in their product and may cause more harm than benefits if poorly constructed. Shopping online can be intimidating without the ability to see and feel the object that students will spend most of their life on, so we’ve helped ease that burden by outlining some pertinent features that one should consider.

What to look for in a Mattress Topper

As prefaced, there is such a thing as a low-quality mattress topper, resulting in more problems than solutions. While searching for a mattress topper, look for products that provide optimal comfort, aim to keep students cool at night, and have features for optimal hygiene and health.

1. Coolness throughout the night

Finding a mattress topper that wicks away sweat and keeps you cool will give you much more comfort than one that traps in body heat, especially when living in a dorm where you may not have control over the temperature. There is nothing more uncomfortable than waking up in a pool of sweat because a roommate turned the thermostat up to 78 degrees.

2. Comfort is the ultimate goal

Comfort is the core feature that should be sought after when searching for a mattress topper. Why invest in something if it’s not going to make your bed comfortable? Look for mattress toppers that promote spinal alignment, have enhanced support, and provide pressure relief. Remember, those dorm mattresses are likely old, lumpy, and cheap, so you’ll want to find a mattress topper that reduces those deficits and provides a comfortable environment.

3. Hygienic Support

In today’s world, arguably one of the most pertinent features is one that will give confidence to students that their health won’t be compromised, so there are some key elements that should be embedded into the mattress topper. Of course, mattress-toppers that keep you cool by wicking away sweat, and every bedding item, honestly, will need to be washable. Ensure that the mattress topper you pick up has a washable cover, as this is one of the most crucial features for product longevity.

Although college students are the most sleep-deprived population, they (as well as everyone else) still spend a substantial amount of their life in bed, whether they use their bed for sleeping, studying, or watching Netflix. With that constant contact with their bedding, there is a need for a germ-combatting mattress topper. Search for a mattress topper that has anti-microbial properties, such as those found in copper mattress toppers. Also, it will be beneficial to find a topper with properties that resist bed bugs and mites and are hypoallergenic.

All of these features coupled together will provide students with an ideal mattress topper that they can feel confident and comfortable with. Moreover, it can give them that added boost of confidence that they’re taking steps to promote better health and keep sickness at bay. If you’re looking for a mattress topper that contains all of these elements, with a good-till-graduation warranty, check out Sleepyhead. They have excellent reviews, and their brand philosophy revolves around the success of college students through sleep support.

Why is this issue so important?

Students are struggling with a lack of motivation and concentration as they’ve had to go through college on a virtual platform. While many are eager for the return of in-person classes, there are still lingering fears surrounding the pandemic and what we like to call a “zoom hangover.” Students will essentially need to relearn how to interact in a live classroom environment. With all of these impending challenges on top of the stress naturally associated with college, it is more important now than ever to support students and provide them with the tools to meet their full potential. While the pandemic is temporary, the education embedded into students during the college years will have future impacts on their employment or graduate school options; thus, without sounding like a broken record, we need to help support college students to meet their full potential of success.

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