Beat the Heat: Tips and Tricks to Stay Cool this Summer

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The summer is in full swing in the states, and some areas are experiencing higher than average temperatures (including our home base in California!) As much excitement as the summer days bring, the heat can cause discomfort. Multiple studies have found relationships between increased heat and mental health concerns, which calls for a need to find ways to keep cool. Moreover, trying to fall asleep at night when you’re stuck in a college apartment without AC is the equivalent of torture. Luckily, there are tried and tested tips to help beat the heat and allow you to enjoy the summer days without breaking too much of a sweat. We’ve compiled a few of those tips below; try them out and let us know of any additional techniques you’ve found helpful against the summer heat. 

1. Keeping your apartment cool

When I was in college, my apartments were not equipped with AC, which made for nearly unbearable summers. My roommates and I worked diligently to keep the temperature from climbing in our small, overly crowded apartment. Using curtains to block out the sun (and the use of many, many fans) was the most helpful and kept the apartment cool enough that we could function. Use dark curtains that block out as much of the sun as possible because any sunlight entering your apartment will contribute to a rising room temperature. 

2. Cheap activities to keep cool

While keeping your apartment cool is an excellent start, it may not be sufficient for staying comfortable. If you’re taking summer classes, utilize the on-campus library or coffee shops for some free AC while you study. Of course, summer is the time of year when students like to have some fun and relax as well, so check out your community pools or local lakes. Nothing beats the heat better than taking a dip in a refreshingly cool lake or pool. If you’re not taking summer classes and swimming is not desirable, then consider spending the day at the movies, the mall, or a museum. Communities often offer student discounts at movie theaters and museums, so those will provide additional options to stay cool without spending an exorbitant amount of money. 

3. Keep cool at night

When the day comes to an end, and you’re back at your apartment looking for some relief to stay cool while you fall asleep, you’ll need to evaluate your bedding. The options for staying cool during the day are more plentiful than at night when you’re trying to fall asleep. However, one of the best things you can do to help improve your comfort is choosing optimal bedding. Some college apartments don’t provide much of an option when it comes to mattresses, and you may be stuck with a mattress that has terrible airflow, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Mattress toppers can supplement your mattress, provide additional breathability (which helps you feel cooler), and wick away moisture. Click here to see the Sleepyhead mattress topper options.

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