Discoloration of a Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

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Oxidation of your memory foam mattress topper

More than likely, you’re probably thinking why does this matter, and what does oxidation have to do with a mattress topper? Honestly, we don’t want you to be shocked by the foam discoloration on your topper once you unzip the cover to wash it. Also, some might be curious to learn what happens to your memory foam mattress topper as it ages. While a large percent of foam that is produced is a non-dyed form, foam can vary based on how it’s produced, what it’s infused with, and what conditions it’s manufactured in. 

What is Oxidation?

The simple definition is when a substance reacts with oxygen for the first time, making a reaction, from the combination of chemical atoms. 

Why is my Mattress Topper Discolored?

If you are just receiving your mattress topper in the mail and unboxing it, there can occasionally be signs of early reaction with oxygen. Since oxidation occurs from the foam reacting with oxygen for a long period of time, the foam changes color due to age, and in some cases, the material the toppers are made with. For example, our copper toppers tend to have the foam change to an orangish-reddish color because of the copper that is infused inside. Also, if there are any signs of heat, the copper will transfer its color to nearby objects. 

There are certain conditions that speed up the oxidation process:

Light: this could be due to exposure to UV light or sunlight. Even if a mattress topper has blankets and sheets on the bed, sunlight can discolor the foam topper. 

Water: water, drool, humidity, and sweat all can contribute to an unsightly discoloration of the foam. If not cleaned up immediately this can lead to a brown or black mildew discoloration on the mattress surface.

High temperatures - this includes temperatures when the topper is being used and when the topper is being stored. Learn how to store your mattress topper properly here.

Final Thoughts

Natural discoloration over time due to oxidation is completely normal for foam However, proper maintenance and care are required to reduce stains and discoloration not related to oxidation. Learn how to properly clean your mattress topper here.

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