5 Ways to Start the Year with Success

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The start of the Fall semester is upon us, as many are beginning classes this week. As you make your way through classes during that first week, things can quickly become overwhelming. Between getting the books for each class, orienting yourself to the structure and format of each class, and planning out when you’ll have time to get all the school work done, it’s normal to feel some anxiety. Luckily, there are plenty of tips and tricks to begin the semester on the right foot and help make the coursework more manageable. We’ve highlighted five essential tips for you to incorporate into your beginning of the year routine. 

1. Choose a seat that’s right for you 

One of the many perks of college is that there are no assigned seats, meaning you have free will to sit anywhere you’d like in the classroom. As you choose your seat on that first day of class, consider your learning style. Are you someone who is easily distracted or tempted to daydream during class? If so, then your best bet is to sit near the front of the classroom. However, if you feel anxious sitting in the front, then sitting towards the back may be a better option. In sum, choose a seat that will set you up for success throughout the semester. 

2. Plan ahead

There’s nothing worse than realizing that you forgot you have a major assignment due the next day. To help avoid this, take the time during the beginning of the semester to sit down and write out all the due dates from the syllabus into a central calendar or agenda. If you want to take things up a notch, then you can also write in days that you plan to start major projects. Organization is the key to success in college, so starting the semester off by organizing your class assignments is a great way to do well. 

3. Perfect your sleep schedule 

The excitement accompanying college can hinder sleep, but it’s essential to ensure that you’re getting adequate sleep each night. The goal should always be between 7-9 hours each night. Start the semester off right by getting into a good sleep rhythm to ensure you are meeting that sleep duration goal. If you’re stuck on an old and uncomfortable dorm mattress, then consider a mattress topper, such as sleepyhead’s. They have a good-til-graduation guarantee which means you’ll be resting all four years comfortably. 

4. Have fun

All work and no play is a recipe for burnout, which is detrimental to mental health and, subsequently, grades. Check out the clubs and activities your campus has to offer. Getting involved can help alleviate some stress and introduce you to new friends. Every college campus has hundreds of available options between sports, theater, Greek life, etc. You’re bound to find something that you enjoy! 

5. Find your study space

Every Campus has plenty of options that can best suit your study needs. Do you enjoy a bit of background noise while studying? Consider checking out a coffee shop or student center on campus. Do you like dead silence? Take advantage of your school’s library. Most colleges that we’ve explored have a consistent policy in the library where the higher you go, the quieter the floor is. Campuses often have outdoor study spaces as well if you are someone who likes to be one with nature while hitting the books. It’s okay to mix and match depending on your mood, but findings those sweet spots early on will help save you time later on.

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