Why Sleep Is Important for Your Health

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With an endless mountain of homework and a plethora of late-night activities to take part in, getting little sleep is just an accepted part of the college lifestyle. After all, for many of us, it can feel as though this is the only time of day we truly have to ourselves. However, if you find that you’re getting into the habit of staying up late, you’d better think again, as failing to get a restful night’s sleep could actually begin tearing you down in the days that follow. These are some of the crucial reasons why sleep is important for your health and what could happen if you brush it off for other things.

Fosters Healthy Brain Function

Our brains are the most active organ in our bodies. Even while we’re asleep, they’re constantly working to create new neurological pathways so we can learn and retain information better. This makes the time we spend in dreamland critical for our overall brain health and mental development. Without enough sleep, certain parts of the brain can become inactive, which can result in changes in your mood, focus, and decision-making capabilities.

Contributes to Daytime Performance

Quality sleep also allows us to perform better throughout the day. Whether it be sports, class, or any other extracurriculars, each of these things requires us to be present, engaged, and ready to act. When we’re running on fewer hours of sleep, this could be incredibly difficult, as our bodies lack the energy to send sufficient signals to our brains. For this reason, rest is vital to productivity and ensures you get the most out of each day on campus.

Reduces the Risk of Physical Illness

Another crucial reason why sleep is important for your health is that it boosts your immune system and reduces your chances of getting sick. This is especially important for college students as academic success requires that you attend class and interact with the material. If you’re already living with other physical ailments, getting extra sleep can even reduce some of your symptoms.

Improves Emotional State

You’ll also want to keep in mind how sleep can affect your overall emotional and mental state. While fun and exciting, college can also be filled with plenty of stress and pressure to perform. Over time, these feelings can weigh us down and deplete our mental health. This can lead to the development of anxiety and even depression, in more severe cases. Luckily, sleep gives us a reprieve from these emotions and helps us wake up with enthusiasm for a new day.

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