Sleepyhead’s Specific XL-Sized Mattress Toppers

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Finding the perfect-sized mattress topper for your elongated mattress can be a challenge; however, Sleepyhead offers mattress toppers that come in special XL sizing, so you can rest easy throughout the night knowing your toppers extend the full length of your mattress. 

The main difference between a full mattress topper and a full XL mattress topper, as well as between a twin mattress topper and a twin XL mattress topper, lies in their dimensions and compatibility with specific bed sizes. The XL mattress toppers are made to be longer, to cater to taller-than-average individuals or college-sized dorm beds. Let's break down these differences:

Topper Dimensions and Box Size:

  •  Full Mattress Topper: 
    • 53” x 75”
    • Box: 10.5 x 10.5 x 31 in (24 lbs)
    • It's designed to fit standard Full-sized beds.
  • Full XL Mattress Topper: 
    • 53” x 80”
    • Box: 10.5 x 10.5 x 31 in (24 lbs)
    • It's designed to fit Full XL-sized beds.
  • Twin Mattress Topper: 
    • 38” x 75”
    • Box: 10.5 x 10.5 x 18 in (23 lbs)
    • It's designed to fit standard Twin-sized beds.
  • Twin XL Mattress Topper: 
    • Topper: 38” x 75”
    • Box: 10.5 x 10.5 x 23 (18lbs) 
    • It's designed to fit Twin XL-sized beds.

How to Choose the Right Size Mattress Topper:

  1. Measure Your Bed: Determine whether you have a Full, Full XL or Twin, Twin XL-sized mattress.

  1. Consider Your Height: If you're taller than average, a Full XL or Twin XL mattress and mattress topper may offer a more comfortable sleep experience.

  1. Preferences: Assess your personal preferences for mattress length and thickness. Sleepyhead offers a 2-inch and 3-inch mattress topper in the Twin XL size.  

  1. Sheet Compatibility: Ensure you have the right-sized sheets to fit your chosen mattress topper.

  1. Memory Foam: Determine whether the gel memory foam or copper memory foam topper best suits your needs.

Sheet Size Compatibility:

When it comes to selecting sheets for your mattress topper, it's essential to consider the dimensions of your bed and mattress topper to ensure you get the appropriate-sized sheets.  The answer is pretty simple! You can get the same size sheets that your mattress and mattress topper are, and those sheets will fit perfectly over your topper. 

  • Full Mattress Topper: Opt for Full-size sheets
  • Full XL Mattress Topper: Opt for Full XL sheets.
  • Twin Mattress Topper: Opt for Twin-size sheets for a snug fit.
  • Twin XL Mattress Topper: Opt for Twin XL sheets for a snug fit.

The primary distinctions between Full and Full XL mattress toppers and Twin and Twin XL mattress toppers are their dimensions and compatibility with specific bed sizes. While their benefits are generally similar, the choice should be based on your bed size and any need for extra length, especially if you're taller. Whether you're looking to enhance a standard-sized bed or accommodate the dimensions of a particular dormitory or living space, selecting the right mattress topper size is crucial for optimizing your sleep comfort.

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