How to Store Your Mattress Topper

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You are finally going home for the summer, the spring semester has ended and you have a break until the fall. While you’re busy scrambling to pack everything in the car, you realize you don’t know what to do with your mattress topper. Whether you want to bring it home or store it for the summer, a fully expanded mattress topper can take up too much room. Also not storing a mattress topper properly can lead to a decrease in cleanliness, potentially snagging of the fabric, or a weird smell for sitting unused for three months. 

Use a Vacuum-Sealed Bag

A handy and affordable vacuum-sealed or compression bag will save you money, time, and space. Whether you want to buy your storage bags on Amazon or any merchandise store, we recommend verifying the size of your mattress topper to the size of the bag. Here are two options on Amazon:

For 2-inch Toppers:

Storage bag with hand pump

For 3-inch Toppers:

Storage bag

How to Store: Step-by-Step

Clear off all the bedding and sheets from the mattress topper.

(Optional) clean the mattress topper- you can learn how to do this here.

Put the topper in the vacuum-sealed bag.

Suck all the air out of the bag using a vacuum.

Roll (NOT FOLD) the mattress topper, to make sure the pressure won’t allow any creases, to reduce size.

By storing your mattress topper this way you are able to not only save space while storing it, but also protect the topper from dirt, dust, and mites.

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