5 Student Discount Hacks

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With tuition and housing costs on the rise, college students are the most susceptible to financial strain. While much of the time spent in college is taken up by academic obligations, this doesn’t negate the need for students to indulge in some luxuries and have some enjoyable experiences. College shouldn’t be a financial jail sentence that students are summoned for four plus years. Luckily, many companies offer either student discounts or student-friendly pricing because they understand the needs of college students.  We’ve outlined five of our favorite, relatively unknown student-friendly pricing that you should take advantage of. 

The New York Times subscription

Many college students like to keep up to date on the latest issues during a presidential election and pandemic. Free news sources are great, but many lack reliability which can leave students feeling hesitant about the reliability of the information they’ve just obtained. If this sounds familiar, the New York Times may be the perfect solution. Ordinarily a subscription costs $15 a month, but students can access unlimited articles on either their desktop or mobile device for just $4 a month. 


Sleepyhead is a company that sells mattress toppers designed for students and their families. Sleep is essential and if you’re stuck in a dorm or a run down apartment with a less than stellar mattress, Sleepyhead is your solution. They sell two and three-inch gel and copper infused mattress toppers that provide not only comfort, but certain health benefits. These toppers come in all sizes from Twin to King, including TwinXL and FullXL. Also their products come with a “good til you graduate” guarantee, meaning you can be rest assured that you’ll have a comfy place to sleep for the duration of school. 


You’ve likely seen advertisements for this app scattered throughout social media, but if you haven’t, it’s an app equipped with exercises to promote well-being and increase focus using the power of meditation. While meditation is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is an evidence-based method of mitigating stress. The normal subscription price for Headspace is $69.99 a year, but students can access the app and all its features for $9.99 a year making it an affordable option to work towards better mental health. 

Fed Ex

If you’re like most college students, then at the end of the semester you’ll attempt to sell your textbooks to earn back at least some of the money that you spent on those absurdly expensive books. FedEx offers 20-30% off on mailing services with your student ID, meaning at least you can save some money on postage when you send that book to whoever purchased it from you. 


Living off campus means freedom, but it also means figuring out dinner every night. EveryPlate is a subscription service that ships a customized box of ingredients once a week with recipe cards, so you don’t have to think about what’s for dinner and how you’re going to get to the store with that paper due at midnight. Students can get meals from EveryPlate for as little as $3.99 per serving; that’s cheaper than most fast food places.

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