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Why a Mattress Topper for College?

Why a Mattress Topper for College?

June 10, 2018   | Steven Van Alen | 0 comments

The primary use of a mattress topper is to improve an existing mattress. A topper adds comfort, hygiene and support to the used mattress found in student housing (dorm rooms, furnished apartments). It is the perfect solution to uncomfortable student housing mattresses and is used by 95% of on-campus students and 80% of off-campus students.

Sleepyhead's mattress topper is approved and used by students at over 900 different universities throughout the US and we have delivered our toppers to all 50 states.

Sleepyhead (Sleepyhead USA and Sleepyhead Inc.) products are found exclusively on our website and trusted affiliate sites:, and 

Sleepyhead offers the highest quality materials at the lowest price. The Sleepyhead topper comes in 2 inch (Twin XL only) and 3 inch (Twin-Cal King) thickness. We often find that people who don't mind firmer mattresses and have no back pain, hip pain etc. feel comfortable on the 2" topper. While those who suffer from back pain and need extra support will love our 3 inch topper and that's why we offer it in more sizes. 

The Sleepyhead toppers comes with the highest technological blend of memory foam. It has infused gel particles that keep you cool and comfortable at night, whereas regular memory foam will make you feel hot and sweaty. In addition, the topper has a removable/washable bamboo blend fabric cover that you can sleep on directly. The fabric cover has a no slip bottom so if you toss and turn in your sleep or play indoor sports you won't have to worry about the topper sliding off your bed at night. 

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