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April 23, 2021  |  Veronica O'Brien  |  0 comments

Four tips for College Success During the Pandemic

We are living in unusual times that are emotionally taxing on everyone. College students all around are struggling to maintain motivation and concentration on materials. We've compiled four tips to help with college student success during these unprecedented times.

November 19, 2020  |  Jasmine Cooper  |  0 comments

How To Properly Use a Mattress Topper

If you have never used a mattress topper before, college is the perfect time to learn. Discover how to properly use a mattress topper in the dorms.

November 03, 2020  |  Jasmine Cooper  |  0 comments

Simple Ways To Get Back To Sleep Fast

Waking up in the middle of the night is never a fun experience. Discover a few simple ways to get back to sleep fast and get the most out of your night's rest.

October 22, 2020  |  Jasmine Cooper  |  0 comments

The Health Benefits of Sleeping on Copper

Students don’t usually think about what they’re sleeping on—but they should. Discover the health benefits of sleeping on copper and what they can do for you.

October 02, 2020  |  Jasmine Cooper  |  0 comments

Common Misconceptions About Sleep

There are so many myths involving sleep that it can be hard to know the truth. Discover a few common misconceptions about sleep and what makes them false.

September 30, 2020  |  Jasmine Cooper  |  0 comments

The Difference Between a Twin and Twin XL Bed

Cramped college dorms require slightly smaller beds. Discover the difference between a twin and twin XL bed and how to best equip them for quality sleep.

September 09, 2020  |  Affirm Collaborator  |  0 comments

Why Sleep Is Important for Your Health

Late nights might be normal in college, but that doesn’t mean they're healthy. Discover why sleep is important for your health and the benefits it offers.

August 26, 2020  |  Affirm Collaborator  |  0 comments

How To Make Your College Dorm Bed More Comfortable

The dorm mattress is more often the enemy of sleep than not. Learn how to make your college dorm bed more comfortable and ease seamlessly into a restful night.

August 07, 2020  |  Affirm Collaborator  |  0 comments

Ways to Fall Asleep Quickly and Easily

For college students, dorm life fosters ample opportunity to find your independence while building your future one class at a time.

July 29, 2020  |  Affirm Collaborator  |  0 comments

Why a Mattress Topper Is a Dorm Must-Have

As you prep for a soft landing on campus for your freshman year, don’t overlook the comforting power of a memory foam mattress topper.

July 20, 2020  |  Jasmine Cooper  |  0 comments

6 Easy Ways to Sleep Better at Night

Sleep seems simple, but getting enough Zzzs can be tricky on a college dorm mattress. Take charge of your shut-eye with these sleep improvement tips.

June 30, 2020  |  Affirm Collaborator  |  0 comments

The Benefits of Using a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Memory foam mattress toppers afford sleepers several physiological and practical benefits. To learn more about these, read this brief guide.